Himachal Hospital Of Mental Health and Rehabilitation, Boileauganj Shimla

State level hospital catering to the Mental health needs of the people of the state.

Himachal Hospital for Mental Health and Rehabilitation has been offering services since 2nd October 2004, prior to which psychiatry department of IGMC Shimla, was the only medical setting where patients could approach mental healthcare services. Our 62 patient bed facility includes 50 psychiatric and 12 rehabilitation beds. Our multidisciplinary team that includes a psychiatrist, 4 general medical officers and 6 nurses working under Sr. Medical Superintendent aim to work resolutely and passionately to give finest patient care and bring positive outcomes of our treatment programmes. The hospital setting is idyllic in Deodar woods of Shimla and serene and safe for the recovery for the mental illnesses. Our range of services include indoor services like adult and geriatric psychiatry, OPD services like child and adolescent psychiatry apart from de addiction, counselling, awareness and upcoming rehabilitation programmes.

Admission Procedure

Patients are admitted either as independent patients or on reception orders under the Mental health Act.

Do's and Don'ts for the patients and their care givers.

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